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Therapeutic Phlebotomy
(aka Therapeutic Blood Draws)

At Uplift Concierge, we provide in Therapeutic Phlebotomies, also known as Therapeutic Blood Draws. While phlebotomy has become less common in medical treatments, it still plays a crucial role in addressing specific conditions.


What to Expect:

Phlebotomy is a straightforward procedure, similar to donating blood. It typically takes less than an hour, with about one pint (450-500 mL) of blood removed at a time. The frequency of phlebotomy varies based on your medical condition and laboratory values. Afterward, some may experience dizziness or low blood pressure, but these effects are generally well-tolerated. Drinking plenty of water and taking it slow when standing up can help alleviate any discomfort.


Uses of Therapeutic Phlebotomy:

Here at Uplift Concierge, our most common use for Therapeutic Phlebotomy is for patient on testosterone replacement therapy, who sometimes over-produce red blood cells due to their therapy. We also sometimes use this for patients with iron overload, or a hereditary condition called hemochromatosis. 


Contact Uplift Concierge:

If you believe you may benefit from Therapeutic Phlebotomy, don't hesitate to reach out to us at Uplift Concierge in Tampa, Florida. Our licensed medical practice is equipped to perform therapeutic blood draws, even if you are not receiving testosterone therapy from us. We can even check your hemoglobin immediately in the office, with just a prick of the finger. Experience the professional care and expertise that our dedicated team provides.


Discover the benefits of Therapeutic Phlebotomy and find relief for your condition at Uplift Concierge today.

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